Child Protection

With the integrated child protection for smartphones and tablets, you decide what your child can see on their smartphone!


Internet Protection

The optimal protection for your personal security – for every mobile device.


Business Internet Protection

Business Internet Protection is easy to install and protects companies from damaging content.


Test the Protection

Test the innovative filter software, here and now and free of charge: simply enter the web address and get started.


Integrated Child Protection

The network-integrated child protection from CYAN Mobile Security supports parents in ensuring that their children have controlled access to the Internet which is age-appropriate. In July 2013, after two years of intensive development, T-Mobile presented the child protection which enables parents to protect their children from violent, pornographic and other damaging content on their smartphones and tablets as well as to block undesired Apps.


Internet Protection for Everyone

The Internet protection for T-Mobile and tele.ring developed by CYAN Mobile Security is a cloud-based security solution for smartphones, tablets, laptops and data sticks. The protection is integrated into the mobile network, functions as a firewall and recognises threats even before they are on the device.


Internet Protection for Companies

Business Internet Protection, developed by CYAN Mobile Security, combines the automated protection of the corporate network, which protects from damaging content and cyber attacks, with a system that enables an individually adjustable and controlled access of employees to the Internet.


Security Facts

Identity theft causes damage of 8 milliard EURO per year worldwide.
In 2020 a 100% penetration of smartphones is expected in the EU.
In Austria alone, there are more than 500,000 technical threats per day.
Children are accessing mobile Internet at an ever earlier age and unprotected.
CYAN analyses more that 50,000 relevant websites per day.
Updates of security filters take place at least every 4 hours.
Nowadays every household has access to mobile Internet.
A child protection app is available for Android smartphones.
By means of phishing, personal data can be accessed.

We protect your mobile devices

With the innovative solution from CYAN Mobile Security all your mobile devices are optimally protected! State of the art technical know-how guarantees the best security for surfing in the mobile Internet.

« Your safety is our motivation. We keep up to date – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! »

Peter Arnoth, CEO

« The architecture of our individual security solutions is well prepared for numerous new technical developments and mobile operating systems »

Markus Cserna, CTO

Sustainable Partnerships

The intensive co-operation with universities, research facilities and institutes enables us to offer you the best possible protection. On the basis of scientifically substantiated results, we can, at an early stage, recognise trends and technical developments and integrate these into our products. For 2015 we are planning a further CYAN Research and Development Centre in the European Union.

Success Stories

Best protection for two of the leading pension insurance companies in the German-speaking world!
Over 300 multinational customers in all sectors of business and industry!
First network-integrated child and Internet protection for T-Mobile Austria!
Security for over 100 Embassy locations worldwide!
Prestigious private banks (a total of 4,721 employees) put their trust in CYAN!
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